The “Experience Life Project”

More than sharing her gastronomic experience, TY wants to share her love for adventure, travel, ocean and most importantly the curiosity for new experiences with the world.

It will be made possible through the “ Experience Life Project ”.

When you purchase a signature Brolly umbrella for RM90 at the restaurant,
the “Experience Life Project” automatically receives a 50% contribution.
And if you make the purchase on a rainy day, the entire proceed will be contributed.

The “ Experience Life Project” will have 2 prongs of experiences:
1. Water-Based Activities.
The collected pool of money will be used to give underprivileged children a chance to experience any water-based activities from learning about the marine world
(e.g. through visits to Aquaria in KLCC), to swimming, white water rafting, surfing stand-up paddling or waterfall visit.

2. Scuba Scholarships

A portion of the collected monies will also benefit selected youths between the ages of 15-21 to acquire diving licences. They will be selected by TY herself upon reading their application essays.