Experience Munchies…

*TY knows that we are all bound to get the munchies when we step into a restaurant, and she has got it covered with vari.EAT.y. The grilled meats here are inspired by her travel through the Silk Road*

Feed your munchies with the grilled skewers, dusted generously with our special herbs and spices that gives the flavours of the street food found in many cities throughout the Silk Road. Three skewers are given per serving, and you can choose from Seafood Tofu, Okra, Smoked Duck Breast, Chicken Thigh and more.

We suggest the deep fried Onion Flower served with brown sauce. Crunchy and sweet, this fried onion is unlike anything you have tasted before. You can also try the short ribs soup – our modern take on the sup tulang, using Australian beef short ribs.

The Menu