Experience Nostalgia…

*Raksaksa is Malay for Monster and Mirai is Japanese for future. This is simply TY’s throwback to her childhood days where Ultraman comes to save the day … on television at least. It is also a recollection of her best days roaming the streets of Japan*.

Raksaksa Mirai is a collection of contemporary Japanese curry rice dishes. Served with five selection of flavoured rice – signature, tobiko, garlic shallot, spicy shijimi and mango – the topping have been carefully selected to bring you the flavours of Tokyo.

From Tori Garlic to Beef Yakiniku Omelette to Salmon Katsu, there is a topping that suits all tastebuds.

If you are feeling particularly ravenous, take on the Big Bowl Challenge, where you must finish 1.5kg white rice, 700g Tori Garlic Mayo or Beef Yakiniku, 100g julienned cabbage and 500ml curry sauce in 20 minutes. Terms and conditions apply.

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